Barnacle Rid – Electronic Antifoul System – Large Monohull [35+ ft] – Shore Powered

$1,830 USD

  • 10 years Barnacle Rid track record world wide.
  • Custom Wiring with document download below.
  • No speed reduction due to barnacle buildup.
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 40%.
  • Reduced boat lift out and antifoul treatment costs.
  • Reduced engine stress.
  • Reduced engine maintenance costs.
3 Years Manufacturer Guarantee
Large Monohull Measurements Download


Large Monohull Custom Wiring Document Download

  1. Please download the PDF document, open it in a PDF reader and fill out your boat’s measurements.
  2. Once all the details are provided, please save the document and send it to [email protected] The email address is in the document as well.
  3. Your customized system will be manufactured to your given specifications.

Download => Large Monohull Wiring Measurements.pdf

Or => Large Yacht Wiring Measurements.pdf

4 Great reasons to buy form us:


Don’t continue slipping and having to take your boat out of the water for antifouling costing you $3000/ $4000/ $5000+ each 12/24 months. When a one time capital investment in Barnaclerid, your vessel will be protected from barnacles/hard shell growth for many seasons.

With a Barnaclerid investment your $$ return on average is less than 12 months.

Barnaclerid also saves you money on fuel and engine maintenance. A boat hull that is free of barnacles means it is easier for your boat to maintain normal cruise speed and (WOT) speed. Resulting in less stress on your engine while using less fuel.


Boat Battery Powered Barnaclerid System

Barnaclerid only requires one person less than two minutes to lift and stow the electrodes, ready to sail or cruise away. On return simply spend another two minutes lowering the electrodes back into the water to protect and keep barnacles off your boat. The controller recognizes when the electrodes are in or out of the water and automatically switches off and back on again, saving any input from you. The major advantage of this system is that you always have your barnacle protection with you. As we know, there are places where barnacle can grow to a thickness of 1/3″, or about 8mm, in just a few days and if you spend a few days in a place like that it is a major advantage to have Barnaclerid onboard.

Marina Or Shore Powered Barnaclerid System

Barnaclerid is installed on fixed positions around the boats dock /wharf with the computer controller mounted on your marina connected to shore mains power. You board your vessel and sail away. When you return just secure your vessel and leave knowing on your return your boat will be free of barnacles.

Hybrid Powered Barnaclerid System

This system comes with dual power connection setup, boat and mains shore power. It works as the boat powered systems but in the marina, it can be connected to the mains shore power. While away it is powered from the boat electrical system so the barnacle protection is always accessible.

All this whilst using very little battery power or shore power. It’s that simple, protected from barnacles/hard shell growth!!

The best way to prevent barnacles on your boat is Barnaclerid.

Now your boat is protected from barnacles /hard shell growth again and will be ready whenever you return to cruise away without hassles.


Using Copper Ions, a protective field is established around your hull and running gear which combats barnacle growth, by creating an environment barnacles do not like therefore will not attach to your hull or running gear.

Two, four or more electrodes (dependent on the vessels size) are lowered into the water when your boat is stationary, moored or in your marina berth. A protective field is created between the electrodes by our computer controller, the field is wide enough to encompass your entire submerged hull.

BarnacleRid Operational Concept

WHY Barnaclerid?

Copper has been used by mariners for over 250 years to prevent barnacles from attaching to their boats. As seen in the picture below, the famous Cutty Sark sailing ship, built in 1869. The hull was copper sheathed to prevent barnacles/hard shell growth. Barnaclerid takes this concept to a space-age level and makes it more user and environment friendly. Barnaclerid uses copper electrodes lowered into the water around the boat coupled to our advanced easy to use computer controller creating a copper Ion field to prevent barnacle growth.

Our sophisticated and proven system enhances the effects of copper's protective properties, by submerging between 2-4 electrodes, or more dependent of the vessels size and configuration, just below the water line of your boat usually in line with the centreline of the props creating an invisible, safe, green-friendly non-toxic non-leaching copper Ion field around the hull and running gear. Our sophisticated electronic computer controller with variable controls via touch buttons that are configurable to suit any climate uses low power consumption e.g. 12 volt (500 milliamps to maximum 1.2 Amp hours, depending on climate setting). It works with 12V or 24V boat power systems and all mains shore power of 110V-240V.

Barnaclerid Example Setup Video On A Sail Yacht


The Computer controller is covered for 3 years for the original purchaser from any design or manufacturing faults.

Barnaclerid is protected by one or more USA and/or foreign patents or patents pending. We value creativity and will pursue all legal avenues at our disposal to protect Barnaclerid's design worldwide.

Certified Compliant.

If you would like a copy of our certification then please contact us.


Important: We found during the development and testing phase, more than a decade ago, before you install the Barnacle Rid System on your vessel you should start with a totally barnacle free, recently anti foul treated hull. Note! Barnaclerid works in harmony with your anti foul treatment Including prop speed and similar coatings, we have many clients through using Barnacle Rid have extended the time needed to re antifoul for over 5 years and counting, saving thousands of dollars.

Barnaclerid should be Installed the day your boat goes back into the water.

Barnaclerid does not kill barnacles/hard shell growth already attached; it keeps them at bay and prevents them from attaching to your hull by creating a barnacle unfriendly environment. If any barnacles are already attached, however small they will keep growing!

Barnacles attached to your boat do not just cost money$$ with the boat lifting and anti-fouling, they also increase fuel consumption by, on many vessels, up to 40% and cause more engine wear due to more work the engine must do to maintain normal cruise speed due to the extra drag the barnacles cause.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 49 × 43 × 35 cm

5 reviews for Barnacle Rid – Electronic Antifoul System – Large Monohull [35+ ft] – Shore Powered

  1. Janis Kinnie

    This tradewinds 42 (see two photos below)straight out of the water no blast after over 19 months since last antifoul, no barnacles on the hull whatsoever, a few on the bottom bow and prop, considering this boat hardly ever moves and is on its wharf for months at a time its a great result

  2. Matthew Chang

    I wanted to send a word of praise for your Barnaclerid products. Prior to purchasing the 3 electrode unit, I was highly sceptical off their effectiveness to control the dreaded barnacle growth on the hull of my boat. After purchasing the unit and re antifouling my boat, I was amazed at the reduction in growth. No hard barnacles even after over a year in the water whilst using Barnaclerid. My fuel burn is down, maintenance is down and we could not be happier. At our last annual maintenance and repaint. It was simply a matter of washing down the hull, no scraping required. In fact I am so impressed I would happily recommend the use of Barnaclerid to any boater who moors their boat. Again congratulations on the product and thank you for all your ongoing assistance.

  3. Darren Clarke

    We have had your Barnacle Rid System installed on our boat for the past eighteen months. My boat is 24 years old and has leg drives. Prior to having the Barnacle Rid System installed the hull and legs would be subject to numerous barnacles after only a short period of time after anti-fouling. We primarily wanted to stop the barnacles from entering our water intakes and over heating our engines which we have recently replaced with new ones. I work away from Perth for extended periods of time and I’m not home regularly enough to clean the hull and legs. My Dad heard of your system, so we thought we would give it a try. After getting the correct settings with prompt return phone calls from yourself and your agent in Perth we are very pleased with the results we have been getting. We have just had the boat out of the water for annual servicing of the legs and were very pleased to find no barnacles on the hull at all and none in the water intakes of the legs. Not only does your system reduce the number of times I need to get in the water to rub down the hull and legs but it reduces the time I need to spend in the water because I don’t need to scrap away barnacles. The boats on either side of our pen are also seem to be developing less barnacles as well. We have had many fellow boaties at the marina asking what the probes are hanging off the bow and stern of our boat, to which we are more than happy to explain what it is and show them the good results that we are having with Barnacle Rid.

  4. Grant Shorland

    My boat which is a 65 foot steel passage maker (photographed below) has been moored in Cullen Bay Darwin for the past 14 Months, and it has been 18 Months since the boat was out of the water back in Bundaberg after already using Barnaclerid for 12 months we found no barnacles, she was out of water for general servicing and we had her re anti fouled whilst out for our trip. We then cruised the East coast Australia to the Kimberly’s in Western Australia and then back to Darwin using Barnaclerid at anchorage. During the last 14 Months in Darwin ‘Northern Territory Australia’ the water temperature ranged between 25degrees c, to a high of 33 degrees C, and the Barnaclerid electrodes have been in the water during this time. I had a dive under the boat a few weeks ago, and found the hull completely clear of barnacles, and also the propellers and stern gear without any sign of barnacles which was very impressive. The hull had some slime around the waterline, but this comes off very quickly once the vessel gets under way at 8 knots it is all gone within a few minutes. I would also like to thank you for all your back up service and free advice since I have purchased the Barnaclerid system from your company it has been terrific over the past 2 years or so. I believe your product is a great invention, and it will allow me to haul the boat out of the water every two years or even longer, which is a great saving when you have a boat which displaces 80 tons.

  5. Holly M

    Just thought I’d take a moment to thank you for selling a product that actually does what it is supposed to. My 42’ Cruisers Esprit has been in the very warm waters of South Florida since September of last year when I took it out of Dry Dock.. Along with a lot of TLC at the dry dock, it also got a brand new bottom paint in anticipation of using your product. I’ve had your system on it since then till now, a full 6 months. Have a look at the photos for yourself…pretty impressive Sir.

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