About Us

Our parent company Thermo Transit Technologies Pty Ltds background was designing electronic engine management systems for heavy diesel vehicles and also electronic systems for aircraft and the marine industries. We have been in this business close to three decades now. All of our products are time tested very robust devices.

Barnaclerid was conceived a bit over 14 years ago when our parent company’s CEO had a question to his Chief Engineer if he could design an electronic system that uses non toxic copper ion particles in the water to prevent barnacle growth on his boat. He was tired of the expenses the barnacle growth cost him every year in lifting fees, anti foul paints, extra fuel use, maintenance and loss of boat performance caused by having barnacles on his vessel. During the testing phase a lot of his boating friends were very interested to see the outcome. That is when he realized that this could be a product that could help many boat owners save a lot of money.

His Chief Engineers reply to his question was “of course we can design something like that”, and the research started. We all have a can do attitude here as a result a few weeks later a concept design was presented and the testings began. The research and development was a long process and various prototypes were designed, built and tested.

The Chief Engineer is still with us today, so you are in good hands.

The finalized system went through thorough testing on various boats and areas at the same time from smaller to large vessels. Most of the videos we have are from a smaller one as that was only 30 minutes drive away, quicker access, and the bigger ones were 3 hours plus drive away.

As of today, our system has been on the market almost 14 years with time tested durability and functionality, not to mention with our support system and service second to none.

For us customer satisfaction is extremely important and always was. Our Barnaclerid system can be found all over the world, mainly in waters where barnacle growth is high, saving users thousands of dollars every year.

Couple a great product with a responsive support team you can only win, just look at our testimonials, see here.

The Barnaclerid systems were designed by our own electronics engineers, here in Australia. Further developments continue to be undertaken by our local electronics and computer systems engineers. The manufacture and assembly also happens in Australia and the Barnaclerid Systems ship from Melbourne, Australia direct to our clients world wide.


We found during the development and testing phase, over a decade ago, that the Barnaclerid system worked best if the boat was cleaned and had been recently anti fouled before the Barnaclerid system was installed.

Barnaclerid does not kill barnacles which means, if the Barnaclerid system is used on a barnacle contaminated boat then under the protective copper ion cloud on the hull the barnacles can survive, but if cleaned they cannot penetrate this protective cloud and they cannot settle on the boat’s hull.

Barnacles on your vessel do not just cost money $$$ with boat lifting and anti-fouling, they also increase fuel consumption by, on most vessels, up to 40% and cause more engine wear due to the extra power the engine must use to maintain normal cruise speed.