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Barnacle Rid System FAQ

Boat battery Powered:

The Barnacle Rid system is connected to the boat’s power source. This allows Barnacle Rid to protect your boat even when you are anchored away from your home marina. When you anchor you lower your electrodes into the water and you are protected.

Marina model Shore Powered:

The Barnacle Rid system is powered by the marina’s shore power. Since this is a permanent installation, it requires the 4 electrodes to be placed around your vessel attached to the marina dock or wharf and the computer controller mounted on the dock near the power pole allowing you to come and go freely, when returning you just secure your vessel knowing on your return your boat will be ready to go free of barnacles.

Hybrid Powered:

We also offer both power sources this option gives you the convenience of the shore-power and boat battery power with the ability to take the system with you so you are able to use it when at anchor on battery power and back at your berth plug back into shore power..


Our sophisticated computerized electronic anti fouling system controller runs the entire Barnacle Rid system for you, silently and with no fuss. The electronics have been completely designed and manufactured in Australia and tested in the harshest Australian environment and around the world ensuring quality and suitability for the harshest marine environment. In addition: our electronics are compatible with all power systems and configurations (110-240V mains, 12V or 24V battery). Barnaclerid’s power consumption is configurable and modest (maximum 1.2 Amp Hour). You can even run the system from a single battery that is charged with a suitable solar system for your boat.

Barnaclerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, independently tested, this report is available on request

The advanced electronic anti-fouling control system that is built into the control units enable you to simply choose the appropriate power level for your climate and our system maintains the protective field that prevents barnacle and hard shell growth.


Barnacle Rid has a 3 year guarantee against any faults caused by component failures with all other components supplied in the kit, other than normal wear and tear.

This guarantee is licensed to the original purchaser only.


The Barnacle Rid electrodes must be submerged just under the surface of the water usually at a depth inline with the center of your prop/props for the protective field to be established. The protective copper ion field extends between the copper electrode(s). The protective ions are emitted from the electrodes towards each other, so the volume of the space occupied by the field is sufficient to protect all of your submerged hull.

Barnaclerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, independently tested, this report is available on request.

Depending on your hull configuration, your boat will only require between 2-4 electrodes in total to provide complete protection from barnacle growth. For mono-hulls, 2 electrodes can protect a vessel up to 35 foot long. Longer boats can be fully protected with a 4 electrode system (electrodes at bow and stern, and also at starboard and port diagonally opposed). Over 70 feet it will require 2 x 4 electrode system, contact us to discuss your situation if your boat is larger than 70 feet. Catamarans require 4 electrodes one at each bow and stern pontoon.

Marina models require 4 electrodes around the dock which are installed permanently. Larger marinas or vessels may need 6,8,10 or more electrodes, these are are made to order.

The electrodes only need to be in the water when your boat is anchored or moored. When you want to travel the electrodes can simply be lifted out of the water and stowed for the journey. The computer controller recognizes the electrodes are out of the water and automatically reactivate on re submerging so no need to turn the controller off and on its all done for you. You can also have the electrodes permanently mounted on your Marina powered by your shore mains power.

Large cruisers often use the zig zag staggered positioning of the electrodes giving in some cases more protection rather than straight up and down the hull installation, just ask us Contact Us page for our recommendation on your particular boat and location.


No, it cannot and will not cause galvanic corrosion/electrolysis. This was a design requirement 10 years ago, if it did we would not be still here. It is proven on steel and alloy boats for years.


Typically on a 4 electrode system 2.5 years, on a 2 electrode system 18 months.


Important: Before you install the Barnacle Rid System on your vessel you should start with a totally barnacle free, recently antifoul treated hull.

Barnaclerid does not kill barnacles/hard shell growth already attached; it keeps them at bay and prevents them from attaching to your hull by creating an unfriendly environment. If any barnacles are already attached, however small they will keep growing!.


We believe the proven protective power of copper as harnessed and amplified with Barnacle Rid is a superior anti-foul solution to any other out there currently. In particular, anti-foul solutions that use ultrasonic emissions pose a number of risky complications to boat owners. These complications are simply eliminated when considering a Barnacle Rid solution. See the differences in the following analysis.
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Barnacle Rid Ultrasonic Systems
Works on all types of Hulls boats and marinas & any materials without expensive modification. Barnacle Rid is also available in the permanent marina mounted system using shore power, simply cruise in and out for immediate protection encompassing your entire marina pen

With boat powered systems simply lower the electrodes into the water when moored, stow them when you set sail. No hull modifications are required.

Do not work on hulls with core or balsa sandwich layers without serious structural modifications best done in dry dock for safety reasons.

Dangerous hull modifications must be done to attach ultrasonic transducers to hull in many boats types.

The ultrasonic transducer must be attached to the outer skin of the hull, from the inside. That means removing all the other layers from the inside of the hull. Potential structural weakness. It is not really suitable for a DIY installation.

Completely safe for humans and marine life

Can swim / fish / dangle feet in water right next to or under the boat when Barnacle Rid is activated

Our product is green and compliant

Protective field is contained to the boat hull and running gear? no emissions go into the boat or water

Marine micro-organisms are not harmed? the protective field creates an atmosphere undesirable to barnacles etc preventing them from attaching to your hull they simply go elsewhere.

Concerns about sonic emissions from Ultrasonic Systems

Boat owners advised via user manuals to deactivate the system or push the sleep mode button when people are swimming nearby, or when you are trying to sleep.

Ultrasonic energy is emitted into the boat and penetrates into the marine environment when ultrasonic systems are in use

Marine micro-organisms are destroyed at the cellular level

Very simple DIY installation

Custom wiring loom made up to your boat or Marinas specifications as standard

No extra wiring required: simple plug and play connections

No modifications to your boat required

Barnacale Rid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, independently tested, this report is available on request.

Complex transducer installation requirements

Hull modifications

Tedious & complicated mounting

Silicone based gel layer required

epoxy glue mixing to attach transducers

Barnacle Rid power draw is minimal and predictable

Saves your all-important batteries!

Maximum 1.25 Amp @ 13.8V on highest protection setting, in barnacle season in the tropics. The system can operate with power consumption as low as 0.5 Amp current draw, we have 7 climate settings.
Absolute MAXIMUM power draw:
1.25A * 13.8V = 17.25W
Current draw @12V =>  17.25W / 12v = 1.43A
Theoretical Battery Capacity required
C = 1.43A x 24h = 34.5Ah
To prevent total discharge to prolong battery life we calculate for 80% discharge only which needs a bit larger capacity battery, by 20%.
C’ = 34.5 / 0.8 = 43.12 Ah => 45 Ah (max) battery is needed for up to a 65ft boat or marina berth Barnacle Rid system.
At the average protection setting @ 0.8A = 24 Ah battery needed

Also available in 110-240 Volt using shore power/inverter or any voltage world wide.

CE Certified compliant.

Power characteristics of ultrasonic systems vary

Typical setup 2 transducers @ 40-50W each Total power output for those is 80-100W

Some systems declared power drain is stated in misleading ways, surprising unsuspecting boat owners

For Example: for a 2-Transducer ultrasonic system (2 * 50W = 100W)
Current draw @12V   =>   100W / 12V = 8.33A
7.25Amp is drawn @13.8V and respectively @12V that is 8.33A
Needing a battery with a 250 Ah rating, and with each extra tranducer add another 125Ah to the 250Ah
A 65ft boat would require 4 transducers which would require a 500Ah battery

If an ultrasonic system’s current draw is claimed to be 0.8Amp for a 2 * 50W system: the power output is a MAXIMUM 0.8A * 13.8V = 11.05W which is not in line with the 100W

Higher output power means higher current drain on your boat’s batteries

With our record after 9 years of 100% customer satisfaction, and the proven protective power of copper IONS which have been used for 100s of years to protect against barnacles, we know that our system is the most proven and effective protection against the harmful effects of barnacles there is available today.

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